Our Host – Latisha Daring

Latisha Daring is a true visionary with a keen eye for trend and unique style. Born in Brooklyn where trends begin and end, she began to understand the power of individuality. In 2000, she decided to leave the world of big box retail, and develop her own retail environment in a Borough that she knew was untapped for contemporary style. Over the years, Pieces became destination for hard to find labels, trendy brands and independent designers. For 10 years Pieces culminated and celebrated style. In Spring 2009, Latisha was inspired by the recent birth of her daughter and decided to develop a brand that embodied everything that giving birth does to a woman.

She often says,“ Life begins as a woman once you have brought forth life”. Ashtyn speaks to every woman and her sense of style. Self-expression through form and fit are key elements of this brand. Appealing to all women from all walks of life, there is definitely a unified sophistication unlike any other contemporary brand to date. Though in its infancy stages, Ashtyn has set out to make a mark and identifies itself as the brand that every woman will live in. Details that have just the right touch to make a statement when worn, is definitive of the Ashtyn brand and its Designer Latisha L. Daring.

With over 22 years of retail under her belt, this designer knows her customer, her form, and her shape and focuses on the key element of functionality in the lives of today’s modern woman. Edge does not have to be profound or minimal.The balance of what makes a woman feel good must be represented in her clothes. When you are expected to do it all, you must look good doing it! Ashtyn in the answer.

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