Larvetta L. Smith

Larvetta L. Smith
Award Winning Marketing Strategist

Larvetta L. Smith is an award winning marketingng strategist, life & business branding
coach, innovative speaker, and social entrepreneur. When Larvetta is not courting
corporate clients, at her vanguard marketing and corporate events company, L3 Eventeurs,
she serves as the new voice of radio for the small business community as host of Let’s Get
Down To Business to fuel small businesses into big brands. She holds several awards for
her ability to be conduit for change. Most recently, named as one of Chicago’s Top Game
Changers Under 40 by Ariel Investment and WVON. In 2011, she was awarded one of
Verizon’s Everyday Heroes.

In 2010, Larvetta, along with other choice women of distinction were chosen to
convene for a White House Project in Washington D.C. where Ms. Smith would serve as a
Leading Advocate on issues of elected office, community and the media, furthering her
talent as a humanitarian. Larvetta has been featured on and in National
Bookseller Single. Women. Entrepreneur with 29 other distinguished female entrepreneurs
around the globe.

She hosts group coaching, mastermind groups , virtual trainings, monthly workshops
to help small business owners and entrepreneurs prioritize, capitalize and mobilize every
aspect of their business. She lives in Chicago with her newly wed husband and two dogs,
enjoys motivating others to reach their dreams and is an active member at her church.
She always finds free time to mentor and encourage young people in her community. You
can learn more about Larvetta and her community at, Twitter
@Larvettaspeaks and Facebook/LarvettaSpeaks

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