Temeko Richardson

Temeko Richardson
Owner of The RLC Group, Inc. and EnsyncTrends

Temeko Richardson is the owner of The RLC Group, Inc. and EnsyncTrends and author of Get A Clue: 10 Steps to an Executive IQ. Since 2001, she has offered strategy, consulting, and operations and enterprise IT solutions for clients in the entertainment, financial, sports, and medical industries.

She earned the title of overachiever early in life graduating from highschool in three years, earning a double major in Mathematics and Computer Science with a minor in 4 years from Temple University, a Master’s Degree in Systems Engineering with Wharton studies from the University of Pennsylvania in a little under 2 years, and owning successful real estate and technology businesses all by 25.

Temeko has been featured in Black Enterprise, CEO Blog Nation, Voice of America, and on various shows on Sirius XM. Temeko provides expert business tips daily on her blog (blog.therlcgroup.com) and a mix of entrepreneurial, motivational, and sports tips on Twitter @temekoruns. For more of her business expertise, link http://www.therlcgroup.com

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