Tammy Williams

Tammy Williams
CEO Open River Pictures

Tammy Williams Tammy Williams* is the first African American female to open a 16,000 square foot post production and film studio in the state of Georgia and the first African American female to create an internationally distributed faith based children’s show.  She broke into television and film industry nearly 25 years ago as a news editor for WTVF-TV (CBS-Nashville, TN).

Discovering her creative ability, she became a Writer/ Producer for television networks including, WRCB-TV (NBC-Chattanooga, TN) and WDSU-TV (NBC-New Orleans). Tammy is a naturally gifted storyteller and has translated that creative ability into compelling and effective documentaries, biographies as well as short films. Most recently, this award winning producer’s first original project, “My Destiny Place,” was nominated for Children’s Project of the Year in 2012 by the Stellar Gospel Music Award Association. During the course of her career, Tammy has worked on live award shows such as The Trumpet Awards (biography producer) and The Stellar Music Awards (post production supervisor) and reality based productions (Marvin Sapp Single Dad).

She has managed multi-camera productions as well. What makes her unique is her ability to combine her creative talents as a writer-producer with her attention to details as an editor. She has written for television as well as children’s books. Her first song was recorded in 2012. This award winning executive and CEO holds a degree in Mass Communications with a minor in Business Administration from Middle Tennessee State University. She is a motivational speaker and conducts workshops for youth as well as adults.

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