Nanci Neffi Walker

Nanci Neffi Walker


Nanci Walker is an expert in Sustainable Luxurious Eco Living. The mother of 4 has always been more of a dreamer; she is a doer. When the New Yorker, who recently turned into a New Jersey suburbanite, discovered she was pregnant with her daughter Nile, she began to embrace a more eco-friendly lifestyle. Constructing a home with Solar panels, reclaimed wood and a filtered air system shaped her vision to generate a smaller carbon footprint and healthier life.

Nanci Neffi WalkerDetermined to use only chemical free, natural products on her children, Nanci researched what was available on the product. She decided that she wanted a child skin care line that reflected her aesthetic and luxurious eye for style, but also had the properties of an all-natural product. With that in mind, she founded Kennedi Price, a lifestyle line premiering all natural and organic products for children that is luxurious, with memorable, ambrosial scents that enhance the parent-child bonding experience. Nanci began a yearlong project of wading through overwhelming amounts of information, researching ingredients, fragrances and factories that have earned the organic seal of approval, to create products for Kennedi Price.

With a 15 year background in marketing and event planning, Nanci is using Kennedi Price to create an entirely new niche; the Eco Luxurious Sector. Kennedi Price reflects Nanci’s belief that sustainability does not have to be boring. She believes that people can indulge in a luxurious lifestyle while practicing an ecofriendly existence.

Nanci’s love for traveling inspired her to name her products after the cities she has visited with her family and that have inspired her over the years. It is fitting that her first line is titled Manhattan, her favorite city along with her place of birth. An innovator with her approach to parenting, Nanci Walker is best known for her honest approach to her children’s lives. She continues to build Kennedi Price to be a company that allows families to support the environment while living the luxurious lifestyle they deserve.

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