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5-13_Young_Mogule_Life_MagLatisha Daring is everything her last name describes and then some.  Immediately  after hearing her name the phrase came to mind, Dare to be Different, Dare to Dream, Dare to be YOU,  and Latisha Daring exemplifies just that!

This fearless, Mogul is on a mission  to inspire Women all across the Globe to become Entrepreneurs.   Everything from Mrs Daring’s infectious smile to Ladies Who Lunch mission falls in line with Young Mogul Life and our core values.

What was your life like prior to starting your own business? Before starting my Business, I lived in Atlanta after migrating from NYC trying to find myself after a 4 year serious Relationship and a career in Retail.  I wanted to take a breather live life in a new city as a single woman.  I was focused on FUN and spending time getting to know what I wanted for my life.  It was truly my turning point.

Growing up, what were your aspirations for your life?I always envisioned having many careers in my life. Have you become what you envisioned growing up? I have done everything except model and work in Publishing, I love to write and I love Fashion and to bring the two together would be the ultimate gratification for me.  It hasn’t happened yet but I would love to write a column for a Fashion Mag or Blog .   

I always knew that I would be my own boss whatever I did and I can honestly say that I have accomplished most of what I envisioned for my life and I am working on the rest.  If not, what changed?  Having a family and being a Mom and a Wife transitions are harder but so much more rewarding, although I am an impulsive woman by nature, I have to think responsibly with my professional decisions and how they affect my family.

Fashion can at times for a consumer seem so overwhelming with new designers and clothing lines left and right, why fashion?  I think my passion for fashion has always been tied to retail because its therapeutic.  I love how women feel when they find the right look, fit and feel for their bodies at the right price.  Fashion to me is a form of expression and allows a woman to express who she is through her look.  You can tell her style, her confidence and her lifestyle all through her fashion choices.  To me this industry is always evolving and it requires newness and I love how fast trends and style changes.  This is what has kept me in fashion for so many years.

What separates you from other designers?  I think the fact that I have over 24 years of retail experience is what sets me apart.   I am not formally trained as a designer.  My background is based on practical experiences with women and how they respond to trend, fabrics, fits and price.  It is not something that you can learn in a classroom.  However, I have been blessed to work with great design assistants and a phenomenal factory in LA which allows me to deliver a clothing line that is designed for consumption.

How did you finance your first business? Pieces Inc. was financed by my savings from working in Retail, my 401K savings.  At the time I was young and I realized that I could afford to start my savings over and take advantage of an opportunity in my community to fill a void.  I started Pieces using 12,000k in savings in 1999.   I was self funded and did not seek loans or grants to start my business.   If I had it to do all over again I would have started the same way but I would have sought out support to expand my brand instead of continuing to reinvest my own money.

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Ladies Who Lunch: Unlimited Possibilities


3-25-Bold-and-BeautifulLast weekend I attended a phenomenal event dubbed Ladies Who Lunch with Latisha Daring: Unlimited Possibilities, held at the Tribeca Grill Loft in Manhattan. Fashion Designer Latisha Daring created Ladies Who Lunch as an organization that focuses on how women inspire one another, support one another and execute our dreams together. She created the lunch series to cater to women entrepreneurs.

Daring, the designer behind the label Ashtyn, assembled a dynamic group of panelists from a range of disciplines. The panel consisted of style expert Tai Beauchamp; Huffington Post/Black Voices style editor Julee Wilson; owner of Kennedi Price, an organic skincare line for children, Nanci Neffi Walker; politician and museum curator Laurie Cumbo; luxury real estate agent Tanasha Pettigrew; event planner and former music executive Carline Balan; and writer and filmmaker dream hampton (via Skype).

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Ladies Who Lunch with Latisha Daring @ the Tribeca Grill Loft in NYC


Last Sunday, I had the opportunity to attend an inspiring luncheon at the famed Tribeca Grill Loft in NYC.  The ‘Ladies Who Lunch’ event hosted by Latisha Daring, left me feeling empowered.  I knew I would leave feeling inspired, it was themed “Unlimited Possibilities”, but have no idea it would have me dusting off my old application to Harvard!  (Harvard here I come, Fall 2014!)  Latisha Daring, the successful New York-based fashion designer behind Ashtyn, whom I have posted about in the past, is the brainchild behind the luncheon series.  Her newest project, Ladies Who Lunch with Latisha Daring ( is a call for women to follow their destiny of fabulousness in fearless fashion!

3-24-The-Minnie-MavenWhile I enjoy being in a room with stylish women, I am more impressed when they are SMART, stylish women!  And that was just the premise of this event, intended as an empowerment lunch series geared towards women entrepreneurs who aspire to impact their communities and the world at-large, this audience was filled with beautiful, ambitious ladies.    The luncheon series kicked off on March 17th in NYC and the next stop is Washington, DC in late April.  I am excited to share that I will be partnering with Latisha to bring Ladies Who Lunch to DC–in the meantime, check out the fab names who lined up the NYC panelists:

  • Tai Beauchamp, style expert on “The Today Show”, “Good Day New York” and appearances on BET, CNN, TV One and more.
  • dream hampton, writer, hip hop journalist
  • Laurie Angela Cumbo, city council candidate and founder of MOCADA Museum
  • Julee Wilson, Style & Beauty Editor at The Huffington Post BlackVoices
  • Tanasha Pettigrew, luxury real estate expert
  • Nanci Neffi Walker, expert in sustainable eco-living
  • Carline Balan, co-owner of Balan Inc, a luxury lifestyle agency & former Jay-Z assistant

Stay Tuned DC, Atlanta & Chicago—



Ladies Who Lunch with Latisha Daring Talks Unlimited Possibilities…


Divas-and_DorksUpon entering the room filled with such positive electricity, you can’t help but acknowledge the anticipation of hope, encouragement and empowerment during the ‘Ladies Who Lunch’ event hosted by Latisha Daring. Latisha Daring, the highly successful New York-based fashion designer behind Ashtyn, announced the launch of her newest project, Ladies Who Lunch with Latisha Daring ( as an empowerment lunch series geared towards women entrepreneurs who aspire to impact their communities and the world at-large through their business ventures and strategic partnerships.  The luncheon series kicked off on March 17th at the famed Tribeca Grill Loft in NYC. The reaffirming theme of “Just Do It” , Trust in yourself” and discover “Unlimited possibilities” repeated itself throughout a series of career stories shared by the illustrious panelists during Sunday’s luncheon.

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NYC Girl About Town: Ladies Who Lunch–Unlimited Possibilities


3-1_Ladybugs_in_WonderlandSometimes, I get stuck on “Fear” street and can’t help but think that I’m alone. But on Sunday, I had the pleasure of spending an inspirational afternoon with Ladies Who Lunch, a networking event, of amazing women who shared their stories of successes, challenges and failures–is there even such a thing?! Okay maybe, that’s another post. Anywho, it felt very encouraging to talk with so many women struggling with life’s traditional route–graduate from college, get a good paying job with benefits, buy a house, get married,  have children, get the dog, blah, blah, blahlife is great, right?!

“Who are you?” “How will you impact the lives of others?” and “Faith and Fear cannot exist in the same room,” are some of the profound messages that empowered me to continue exploring my creative and fearless side. November 2012, I quit my job, had no other job, no real plan, not much of a saving— And that risk has made ALL the difference! Four months later, I have an amazing new lifestyle, I can work from anywhere, eat dinner with my family,mentor young women, and continue to passionately travel the world .  Life begins when you decide to Be Fearless. I get it…”Unlimited Possibilities”—Thank you ladies for the confirmation.

Thoughts?! Are you living or just existing? What mark would you like to leave on the world?

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