Defining Your Brand

Presented by: Ashay Media Group

We believe that brands are living, breathing entities. They have a soul and a belief system. As such, brand identities deserves the same amount of care and attention that other living things do.

Creating a consistent message is critical to building a brand identity that allows your customers to instantly recognize your company and distinguish it from others.

In this session, award winning marketer and brand architect, Cherise TrahanMiller shows how to design and build brand awareness while capturing your audience’s attention. Learn how to deliver memorable experiences that engage, inspire and clearly project your brand promise.  In this session, we will define your Brand in the following ways:
o Brand as Person
o Brand as Culture
o Brand as Product

About Cherise TrahanMiller
CEO/Creative Director: Ashay Media Group & CitiWide Merchant Funding

Cherise’s talents seamlessly navigate the paths between artistry, technology and interactive storytelling.  With more than 20 years of experience in theatrical production, and 16 years of crafting unique branding experiences, she is the CEO and Creative Director of Ashay Media Group and Adha Zelma Jewelry.

Ashay is a full-service  award winning branding, creative and digital and marketing agency out of Brooklyn, New York who’s mission is to penetrate all forms of media with an obsession for authentic ideas that form long-lasting relationships between their clients and niche audiences.  The agency uses cultural insights to create breakthrough marketing communications and technology solutions for companies across a diverse list of categories and industries including fashion and beauty, publishing and entertainment as well as arts education, non-profits and cultural institutions.

In 2008, Cherise co-founded Adha Zelma, an audacious and distinctly international, jewelry line. The Adha Zelma design philosophy is centered on an aesthetic nourished with nature, cultural significance and mysticism. Their studio specializes in working with precious metals, gemstones, Czech beads and exotic materials like tusks, python ribs and stingray.

Their work has been seen in the pages of Elle Vietnam,,, ESSENCE, OK! Magazine, Clin d’oeil, and The Source.There’s an ever-growing list of celebrity collectors for their line, so keep an eye on Adha Zelma.  Their creations have been worn by Jennifer Lopez, Lala Vasquez, Michelle Williams, Keri Hilson, Arlenis Sosa, Aisha Hinds, Rocsi, Ananda Lewis, Tweet, Rosie Perez, and celebrity makeup artist Scott Barnes.

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“Dreams are necessary to life.”  - Anaïs Nin


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